RICHOULI is a High Austrian Luxury Perfume Brand created in its home Vienna and manufactured in France founded in late 2019 .

RICHOULI's history is one of a fusion of cultures, which is reflected in our perfumes, a magnificent fusion of orient and occident that yields distinctive scents.

The core value of RICHOULI's brand is "Quality above all," which enables perfume enthusiasts around the world to experience the essence of pure richness in our products as we collaborate with the best Partners in each of their respective fields, from the selection of the ingredients to the creation of the exquisite bottles.

As a perfumer , Mammut Jebawi created a new generation of perfumes , passing down his knowledge and techniques to ensure that his craft live on .

RICHOULI creations have charmed a global audience and are now available in more than 12 countries around the world since we have started our Sales in August 2021, The House’s international presence encompasses 40 points of sales in a highly selective network of the world’s finest department stores and perfumeries .

RICHOULI has its own perfume culture with an absolute commitment to the highest quality standards , The house looks with great expectations to build on the Legacy of its presence and forming a bridge of creativity to the future in the brand's roots home in Vienna .